David McCallum L.Ac.

Provides acupuncture, holistic medical treatments and unique mind-body healing programs online and in a clinic based in Canton, Connecticut.

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We all know it is important to have healthy lifestyle habits. Our programs teach, motivate and encourage you to make lasting and profound changes in your health. We make it easy for you. You will learn how to apply the secret wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a practical step by step manner. Beginners or advanced students... Learn More.

David McCallum is an acupuncturist, healer and medical massage therapist who is passionate about teaching his patients the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been practicing holistic healing methods in the Connecticut area for more than 20 years. Graduating from the prestigious Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese... Read more.

Time tested and proven holistic approaches to health. Acupuncture has a history of clinical effectiveness spanning more than 2000 years. Modern research is now confirming what the ancient Chinese knew for ages. Acupuncture can stimulate your own innate healing ability and can often provide immediate relief from pain... Read more.